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So, getting more onto the subject of the skinpack, I guess I'll start. A while back, there was a skinpack made by JumpinJedi, called JJ's Server Pack. It was pretty huge, sizing at around around 70MB, and had many bugged files. Eventually, around a year later, it came around to a time when we felt the need to get an update, as there'd been many neater skins released since. A group was formed to do this, and after a couple of months, a skinpack was completed - one that sucked. After that, the project kinda died, until R2D2 came and helped us out. This guy compiled a list of cool skins and together we discussed with him which ones we wanted and which ones we didn't think would have much use. This went rather quickly, and before we knew it, a skinpack was released. R2D2 received some notices about errors and problems with this release, so he created a Bug Report thread, gathered up any errors or problems he found and attempted to fix them, which he did successfully, along with adding and removing several skins. He spent a lot of time working on it, and finally completed it in September, 2005.

Many thanks to you, R2D2.

Download - 72 Megabytes

- Part 1
- Part 2
- Part 3
- Part 4

We arranged this into 4 parts for those experiencing bandwidth and similar problems.

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